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Black Wolf’s oil field services include providing site work and environmental remediation for exploration and production of oil and natural gas projects. Black Wolf provides pad/land clearing, excavating/grading, frac pond construction including liners and evaporation covers, along with road-way and pad construction for exploration and production of oil fields.  We also provide environmental remediation for oil field locations, frac ponds, reserve pits, tank batteries, and oil based cuttings. 


Black Wolf is a Joint Venture with Black Pearl Energy, which has developed an evaporation cover for fresh water frac ponds and installation of liners; and Lone Wolf Resources (LWR) which was formed in 1999 by two petrochemical companies to provide remediation, demolition, and construction services at a former refinery that had been declared a state superfund site.  Now a privately held firm, LWR has safely and successfully managed numerous remediation, construction, and recycling projects in the United States, Canada, and Latin America over the last ten years.  Our clients include some of the largest exploration & production companies in the world, along with refining/petrochemical companies and environmental consulting firms. 

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